2017 SIMM in Shenzhen 3/29~4/1

2017 SIMM in Shenzhen 3/29~4/1

Time: 2017/3/29~4/1

Location: Shenzhen convention and exhibition center

There were 3 machines of COBORN exhibited in this time:

1) RG9A: RG9A's construction ensures fast grinding times and repeatable accuracy to 2μm tolerances. The COBORN designed and manufactured wheel spindle is dynamically balanced to ensure minimal edge chipping of brittle and delicate tool materials. Programming is rapid, menu driven and straightforward for the operator and the ultra-fast vision system, with closed loop feedback, ensures minimum cycle times and maximum rates of throughput.


2)PG4: PG4 enables many of the laborious and time consuming processes, such as blocking out, to be fully automated and the subsequent final radius polishing to be completed without human intervention. The PG4 uses high quality air bearings for both wheel spindle and the pivot which are essential pre-requisites for controlled and low waviness SCD tools. Programming is extremely simple and minimal training is required.


3) PG4 SUPERNANO: PG4 SUPERNANO is an automatic, ultra-high precision grinding machine designed to meet the most sophisticated of demands from toolmakers working with natural or synthetic single crystal diamond (SCD), manufactured by either high pressure high temperature (HPHT) or chemical vapour deposition (CVD). PG4 SUPERNANO is able to product in up to 50-Nanometer level, it also increased nano-mobile and 15-nanometer pivot function.