2017 EMO

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Hall 26 – 攤位 D74

Machines: Profiling machine PM550T&PM400H, Gear grinding machine BZ130&BZ331


Features: Burri develops their own system and automated robot arm.

Hall 26 – 攤位B72

Machines: HS-150 and S-500


Features: SCUDDING® is a continual gear cutting process which makes both the production of external and internal gears as well as spur and helical gearing possible.

Hall 26 – 攤位 B89

Machines:Gear Honing Machine HGP-400, HMP-400, HMX-400 S


Features: Profile grinding and gear honing in one setup, economical production of small to medium series as well as large component ranges, maximum flexibility.

Hall 6 – 攤位H34

Machines: Gemini NGM, Sirius NGS, Aries NGP, Norma NGC


Features: Corvus series will have new machine to be exhibited(X-axis 4500mm)


Hall 6 – 攤位E60

Machines: Z20

Features: ZD20 utilizes the latest technology such as high-precision cast iron base, roll steel guide rail, ball screw technology, high precision optical grating, servo motors, direct drive motor(DDR), microcomputer error evaluation system etc.The maximum diameter of the measuring workpiece is 350mm.

26 flat map

6 flat map


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